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Episode 10 - Physical Activity for Health Among young Torture and Trauma Survivors: An opportunity for treatment and prevention

May 28, 2021

Dr Simon Rosenbaum is an internationally recognised pioneer in the field of physical activity, mental illness, sport for development and global mental health.

Scientia Associate Professor in the School of Psychiatry, UNSW Sydney, he has worked with a variety of groups including youth, veterans, emergency service workers and refugees. Simon has overseen various international research and capacity building projects, including working in the Rohingya refugee crises in Bangladesh and with those fleeing the Syrian conflict in Gaziantep, Turkey

In this talk with Shaun Nemorin, they discuss the impact of sports and physical activity as an effective biopsychosocial intervention for young people in contexts of forced displacement and the barriers to participation for some, including women and those with physical disabilities. They similarly discuss everything from the need to resource scalable community based initiatives, neo colonialism in the field of global mental health and hints for practitioners and educators in promoting physical activity with young survivors.


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Produced by Nicole Loehr. Music by Eric Avery and R.E.M. (performed by Troy Reilly).  Image supplied by Simon Rosenbaum

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