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Support for Dari-Speaking Parents Affected by the Crisis in Afghanistan: How parents can promote the wellbeing of their children and themselves during COVID-19 restrictions (Language: Dari)

August 26, 2021

In this special edition podcast in Dari, STARTTS Senior Clinician/Clinical Trainer, Nooria Mehraby, MD, addresses Afghan parents across NSW. In this podcast, Nooria provides: 

  • An introduction to STARTTS services 
  • An outline of some common symptoms of acute stress and retraumatisation 
  • Advice on how parents can get some relief from their symptoms while adhering to COVID-19 restrictions in NSW 
  • Tips on how parents can support the wellbeing of their children and adolescents during the crisis in Afghanistan and COVID-19 restrictions 
  • Suggestions on how to avoid exposure to graphic content amongst children and young people
  • Guidance to parents who are concerned about their children falling behind with their schoolwork 
  • Warning signs to look out for in themselves and in their children that indicate the need to seek professional support 
  • Contact details for STARTTS, RACS (Refugee Advice & Casework Service), TIS, Kids Helpline, Lifeline and 000. 

Nooria is a senior clinician and clinical trainer at STARTTS.  Herself a former refugee, Nooria has more than 30 years experience working with refugees both overseas and here in Australia. This includes over 25 years experience at STARTTS. Nooria first trained as a medical doctor in her native Afghanistan and later obtained a Master of Counselling with Distinction in Australia. Her particular interest is in developing cross-cultural therapeutic interventions with refugees, especially with Muslim clients. In 2015 she was the recipient of Australian Muslim Professional of the Year Award. 

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